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Common information

Power (distributive) oil transformers OMG of pole-type implementation are intended for operation in electricity networks with the voltage of 6 or 10 kV, for power supply of the single-phase consumers with the possibility of fastening on a support. Fastening on a support is universal for both reinforced concrete support (СВ 105,110) and wooden support with the diameter of 180 to 220 mm.

The transformers are completed with all necessary fasts, which are mounted on a transformer tank in an over-the-road position. For transformer installation on a concrete support it is necessary to transfer a fastening traverse to an installation position. Transformer is lifted up to the necessary height by means of hoisting machine and fastened on a concrete support.

Technical specification, overall dimensions and outline drawings of the one-phase oil-immersed hermetically-sealed pole-mounted distribution transformers (OMG)

Winding connection schemes and groups 1/1-0. Rated frequency 50 Hz

Transformer cover and tank have circular form

Transformers have adjusting outputs on the LV side (ВСТ-1/250), located on the side panel of the tank allowing to change the output voltage by means of +/-5% three phases through connection of the consumers to the adjusting outputs.

Transformers are equipped with oil-level indicator to control the level of oil.

LV bushings can be staffed with lead terminals to connect the cables (ref. LV bushing to the rated current 250 A for distribution transformers TMGPN). HV bushings can be staffed at customer's request with lead terminals to connect the cables (ref. HV bushing for distribution transformers (TMG (pole-mounted))).

Symbolic representation of transformer types

Here is the example of symbolic representation of one-phase hermetically-sealed pole-mounted distribution transformer with the power of 25 kVA, high voltage 10 kV, low voltage 0,23 kV, winding connection scheme and group 1/1-0, climatic performance NF, category of location I in terms of its order and in documentation of another item – “Transformer OMG - 25/10- NF1, 10/0,23 kV, 1/1-0, pole-mounted”.

The structure of transformer symbolic representation

OMG -XX/X- NF1, X/X kV, X/X-X, pole-mounted where

O – one-phase

M – natural oil and air circulation

(G) – hermetically-sealed with radiator tank

XX/X – nominal power, kVA

NF1 – type of climatic category according to State Standard Specification 15150

X/X – high voltage, kV/low voltage, kV

X/X – connection scheme of high-voltage winding/ connection scheme of low-voltage winding

X – winding connection group

Pole-mounted - pole-mounted type

Technical specification for transformers OMG

Transformer type

Standby loss, Watt

Short-circuit loss, Watt

Impedance voltage, %

OMG-10-10(6)/0,23 (pole-mounted)




OMG-16-10(6)/0,23 (pole-mounted)




OMG-25-10(6)/0,23 (pole-mounted)





Overall dimensions for transformers OMG

Transformer type


H, mm

H1, mm

H2, mm

C, mm



Total weight, kg

Oil mass, kg

OMG-10-10(6)/0,23 (pole-mounted)










OMG-16-10(6)/0,23 (pole-mounted)










OMG-25-10(6)/0,23 (pole-mounted)










 *D – transformer transport dimension



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