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Tanks of all transformers are rectangular with radiators for transformer oil cooling. Radiators are located along the whole perimeter of the tank. Tank walls are made of steel sheet the width of which is from 2,0 to 3,5 mm with stiffening plates. Such structure provides high resistance of product surface to deformation during transporting and transformer undisturbed operation.

Transformers TMG are hermetically sealed. Their inner content is not connected with environment and pressure change in transformer tank is compensated due to air cushion in top part of transformer tank. To avoid overpressure transformer is supplied with relief valve which is activated if overpressure equals 50 kPa. As a rule overpressure in transformer tank should not exceed 40 kPa. Insulation of transformer tank inner content from environment considerably improves oil working conditions, prevents its damping, oxidation and sliming. For oil-level control transformers TMG are supplied with oil indicator located on tank wall. Hermetically sealed transformers even after continuous storage do not require preoperational expenses and do not need repair connected with transformer tank unsealing.

For tracing of breakage consequences happening mainly in case of transformer internal damage transformer tanks of TMG with the power of 1000 kVA are supplied with membrane relief devices for emergency oil discharge in case of overpressure more than 150 kPa. In case of normal operation this device does not require additional service during the whole transformer operating life.

To avoid transformer prohibitive overload in case of unbalanced load low voltage zero and phase live parts have identical section.

High-voltage and low-voltage bushings of TMG are mounted vertically and located on transformer tank cover parallel to each other in the longitudinal direction. Transformers with the power of 160 kVA and more can be supplied with current-collecting lead terminals mounted on low-voltage bushings. Transformers with the power under 160 kVA can be supplied with current-collecting lead terminals at the customer's request.  All transformers can be supplied with standard alcohol thermometers or electrocontact manometric thermometers for remote temperature control within prescribed limits. Transformers TMG can also be supplied with electrocontact pressure-and-vacuum gages.

Transformers with the power 400-1250 kVA can be supplied with  shipping rolls for facilitating transformer travel. Transformers with the power under 400 kVA can be supplied with  shipping rolls at the customer's request. 


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